Sunday, May 20, 2012

Baby Blankets

As you guys know, I have tons and tons of babies on the way, some family, some friends,.  So I have been busy knitting away making baby blankets.

The first one is for my Assistant Principal.  Her daughter's shower was on May 6th, this is her first

The basket includes the blanket, a book, a bear and a hat:

and the second one is for Diana  my sisters niece whom I've known since she was a baby.  It is her first.  Her shower was on May 12th.

This one was a labor of love since it was lots and lots of squares (49 of them to be exact), and lots and lots of sewing together and of course.  Anyway, the original pattern did not have an edging on it, but since to me needed a little something, I single crocheted around the whole thing twice and then did the picot edging and this is the end result.

and of course I had to make a matching hat.  I love these hats

Working on two more blankets as we speak so those should be posted shortly, and will start another two when they are done.  Told you ladies... Lots of babies on the way..  Glad I have the summer off!!! and yes it's that time of year, I am  counting the days!!!!  Woo Hoo!!!!

As always, thanks for stopping by my part of the world, now that you are here, I would love hearing from you, your comments mean so much


heidy said...

Oh what alove gift sets Debbie!
XXX Heidy

Lynne in NI said...

Awww, these are sooo pretty, bet they'll be treasured. You're definitely a woman of many talents!

Lia said...

wonderful giftsets for the new baby I love it all
hugs Lia

Dorcas said...

Wow Debbie! Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful!!!

Wendy said...

All your baby quilts are beautiful and I love that you put some much love into each baby gift! Nicely done, Debbie!

Iulia said...

Didn't know you also crochet; these baby stuff are so adorable; I also tried to make some quilt blankets but they didn't turn out memorably:)). Congrats on the many babies in your family; it's great to see them coming!