Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sandy's Destruction of Rockaway

These are some of the pictures of Shore Front Parkway, the street where I live.  The blocks are short and all this is walking distance from my house.  I did not take these pictures but someone named Stephen Pekar did and I downloaded them so you can see the massive destruction.  They are not expected to restore electricity  until mid December.  The Mayor finally said that Rockaway was the hardest hit area in New York.  About time you realized there are 4 other boroughs besides Manhattan.

The end building of my complex which with the boardwalk smashed into it there are 5 building next to each other, mine is the the the third one and had pieces of the boardwalk on it also

The basket ball court covered in sand where my son Michael played al the time

One of the hand ball courts
This is the complex where one of the teachers I work with lives
This is where I turn to go over the bridge to go to work
This is Beach 91st Street where I first lived when I got married and both  my boys were born.  As you can see, it is
 un-passable since the boardwalk with street light attached is blocking it. This is on Shore Front Parkway where I live now but only a few block up the road.

No more Boardwalk as you can see
The building next to me
These are just some of the blocks around me.  Like I said I am fine, my family is fine.  Thank you everyone for your prayers.

Lots of hugs


Pat said...

So happy that you and your family are fine, but so sorry to see all the destruction around you, I do hope you get electricity restored sooner than expected.

Pat xx

heidy said...

So glad your all okay Debbie!!
XXX Heidy

sue w. said...

Hi Debbie, so glad you and your family are ok. We sure realise how lucky we are in the UK that we don't have such extreme weather. Take care hun.
Hugs Sue W.

debby4000 said...

So pleased to hear from you, so sorry to see the

Lynne in NI said...

WOW! Just goes to show the power of Mother Nature. Mid December is such a long time for anyone living there to be without power, especially with winter on the way.

Stacy Morgan said...

Oh Debbie... This is so sad. First very glad you are all okay and doing well. Second if you need anything let me know! Are you staying in your place or is that closed off? Oh sweetie I know this is extra hard for you guys! My prayers are with you and the family. Hugs...

Wendy said...

Hi Debbie!
Been following you on FB and just thought i'd pop by today to check in on you. So glad to hear you & your family are all safe. You have been on my mind since this storm hit. If there is anything I can do please let me know! Looking at the destruction around you brings back all those thoughts of the Joplin tornado. So heart breaking to see. I hope & pray that the power can be back on by mid December. Are you back home yet or staying with friends/family? Just know your being thought of as you & your community try to get past this. It will take time but keep positive. I seen miracles happen in Joplin so I know it can happen.
Hugs from PA, Debbie!

Pat said...

I can't believe the devastation! Sending lots and lots of love! Pat (Frank)

Mau xx said...

Oh! Debbie, I am so sorry that you were in Sandy's line of fire :(
I have been poorly and just called by to catch up. I sent up lots of prayers at the time of sandy but never realised that you were caught up in it. I am so glad you are all ok. Sending Huge Hugs to you all.
Mau xx